ActivHR Consulting Ltd
Stellar increase capability

activHR Consulting have been supporting Stellar in their use of HR software for some years, but it became increasingly apparent that their legacy software was not delivering the capability required to help streamline and automate HR processes.

Stellar is a leading global provider of call centre and business process outsourcing solutions and in a busy call centre environment things change very quickly and few employees have standard working contracts, with flexible hours and short term contracts being the norm.

Stellar needed a software solution that would deal with these circumstances, allowing records to be maintained quickly and efficiently, whilst automating as many day to day administration tasks as possible. They also needed a system that would keep them up to date with employee’s skills, competencies and previous training so that employees could easily be posted to the most appropriate outbound and inbound campaigns.

It became apparent that the more data entry that could be taken away from the HR team and put in the hands of the managers the more Stellar would be able to cut down on paperwork and inefficient processes. A primary requirement is for managers to be gradually given access to new functional areas of the system, within a measured and controlled environment, so that they are able to perform an increasing number of data maintenance tasks, from simple address updates, recording and managing holiday and absence, performing performance reviews and booking employees onto relevant and appropriate training courses,

Efficiency is of primary importance to Stellar and with an ever changing workforce they were very keen for new candidates to be able to fill in job application forms themselves. Currently, paper forms are completed by applicants, and the details entered into the HR system, but by having applicants enter details directly into the system, Stellar will relaise greater savings in relation to time and cost.

We worked with our client to understand their requirements over a long selection process, before recommending the People Inc. solution. This gave the right balance of a fully functional standard package with the flexibility to deal with Stellar’s current and future requirements.

As well as configuring a ‘link’ from HR to Payroll, allowing for the transfer of new and updated employee data, we also provided specific database and screen design changes. This has allowed the system to be configured and be wholly ‘fit-for-purpose’, enabling them to record detailed and relevant information about employees that’s specific to their own record keeping requirements.

With People Inc’s optional self-service module, Stellar are able to give their manager’s the right information in a very easy to use format, and will also be able to have candidates fill in electronic application forms.