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Royal Blind's new HRMS

Royal Blind, who provide services to blind, visually impaired or multiply disabled people, have chosen People Inc as their next generation HR system.

An organisation able to trace its beginnings back to 1793, Royal Blind has over 200 years of history and heritage and takes real pride in the services that they deliver to the community.

Royal Blind provides three distinct services, providing care and education for pupils aged 3-18, operate an award winning care home that provides first class services and facilities for older people and they are also responsible for The Scottish Braille Press, which is a leading provider of high quality alternative formats such as Braille, Large Print and Audio.

By working with HR, IT and other Operational figures within Royal Blind over a period of a few months, we were able to collate a distinct list of key requirements that any newly chosen HR software had to deliver against; only then were we in a position to make a strong recommendation on which product to adopt to replace their existing systems and the People Inc HR software product was duly chosen.

Some of these requirements were very specific to the way in which Royal Blind operate, so it was essential to match these needs to a system that was best placed to not only offer them a high degree of standard functionality, but also provide a configurable platform that was able to cope with and accommodate their bespoke requirements.

An ‘out of the box’ system that would dictate a certain way in which they should operate, was quickly dismissed due to their experiences with this type of rigid system as they wanted to have a distinct move away from what they’d had in place over recent years; they were intent on adopting a solution that was wholly fit for purpose. Royal Blind realised that an HR database that provided extensive standard functionality to assist with the day to day HR administration and employee self-service needs was their first priority. Secondly, due to the nature of their operational processes, and to accomodate a huge number of remote workers, there was an additional requirement for a type of system that would be capable of being re-designed, additional data entry screens added, and where user notifications, actions lists, and event triggers could be wholly configured and matched to their growing list of functional requirements.

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