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Cascade HR at Castlebeck

Castlebeck, a specialist provider of healthcare and support for people with learning disabilities, complex needs and behaviour, choose Cascade to fulfill their HR management requirements.

Castlebeck has more than 20 years experience of providing high quality services for higher challenge and higher complexity service user and have a range of different services across the UK. In Scotland they have four services, ranging from acute to community-based rehabilitation. They also have services across the same spectrum throughout England in the North-East, the West Midlands, East Midlands and the South-West.

activHR Consulting have been working with Castlebeck for a number of years, providing them with technical and consulting services in support of their existing HR system.

A combination of rapid growth and acknowledgement that they'd outgrown the capabilities of thier ageing HR software, we worked with Castlebeck to properly identify their needs and aligned these with the various HR systems within our marketplace.

A proactive and dynamic solution that delivers a huge amount of standard functionality was needed; Cascade HR measured up and was duly selected as being wholly fit for purpose.

Cascade HR software is completely browser based and is designed with change in mind. Castlebeck required a solution that satisfied the needs of today but also needed to be capable of change tomorrow.

Comprehensive employee records are supported by a unique System Designer feature which will ensure that Castlebeck will be able to record the data they want and in a format they want, allowing them to add unlimited new fields, configure existing fields and create new screens and easily import data via Excel.

Making work flow through any business is fundamental to its success. Cascade Workflow Designer will assist Castlebeck introduce specific business process, ensuring best practice, correct authorisation routes are followed, leading to measurable efficiency gains due to a multitude of tasks are being monitored, delivered and completed on time.

A specific requirement at Castlebeck was to replace their existing Learning and Development software. Fully integrated with Cascade HR, workflow and self-service, the Learning & Development module will manage the entire process from identifying training needs and creating a training plan, through to Company wide needs analysis and process managed invitation and requests. Course scheduling and management, as well as budgets and delivery management, is catered for in detail. Fully configurable evaluations with analysis features are provided as part of the survey feature, delivered within Self-Service as standard.

Nick Pye, Director at activHR Consulting commented, "we are absolutely thrilled to have undertaken this extensive selection process with Castlebeck, and be awarded this contract. We're all looking forward to delivering and configuring this very capable HR software solution to their HR team and throughout their organisation over the next few months. There are a number of specific functional requirements needed to be deployed during this project and the Cascade system is able to deliver these quickly and efficiently. The Cascade System Designer and Workflow tools enable us to create the desired operational environment offering each user their own bespoke view of people, data, key metrics, and enabling users to manage HR and management processes in real time."

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