ActivHR Consulting Ltd
Training Manager

Staff development is an important part of attracting and retaining the right people.

Training your staff is a vital aspect of the success of your organisation. Well trained staff who have undergone effective learning and development will provide a more efficient service to your target audience and ensure maximum cost effectiveness for the employer.

Being organized is a key factor when training your workforce so Cascade’s Training system will manage courses, scheduling, budgets, online course evaluations and course documentation. We haven’t forgotten other features such as a training dashboard, matching courses to skills and vice versa, providers, course scheduling, workflows that manage the lead up to courses, delivery and post course activities and a course planner. Fully integrated to L&D aspects of HR we ensure that employees are trained efficiently, accurately and effectively so you get the best from them and they get the best from their careers.

Today's training function is more complex than booking places on courses, and Cascade reflects the need to take each employee and assess their individual training and development requirements, as well as looking at organisation-wide skills gaps. Once again, Cascade has been designed to cut down on administration, whilst providing open channels of communication with the workforce.

From training requests to delivery, budgets and evaluation

Fully integrated to the Cascade HR and Workflow solutions as well as Self Service, our Learning and Development module will manage the entire process from identifying training needs and creating a training plan through to company wide needs analysis and process managed invitation and requests.

Course scheduling and management as well as budgets and delivery management is catered for in detail. Even fully configurable evaluations with analysis features are provided courtesy of our survey feature, delivered within Self Service as standard

Cascade enables you to accurately measure the return which your investment on training is delivering, in the shape of on-going workplace evaluation to see just how training has changed the individual’s ability to carry out their role and motivated people to put their newfound skills into practice